Mon, 28 Jun 2010

Violently Protesting for Peace

I just have to shake my head. Again, at global government meetings, you have so-called "anarchists" who are demonstrating for their concept of peace and justice, which seems to include violence. But violence doesn't cause people to say "Hey, my government is engaging in violence. I must want less government". No, they say "Hey, my government isn't going enough to stop the violence. I should give them more power (money and privilege) so that they can keep these protesters in line."

It's like shooting yourself in the foot to promote foot health, to mix a metaphor.

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Wed, 09 Jun 2010

Less Government?

I'm not sure Leonard Pitts is correct about Bobby Jindal rethinking his belief in less government. What if your next-door-neighbor contracted with a wind energy company to erect a wind generator, and it fell on your property? You'd be angry at the company, but you'd hold your neighbor responsible.

Now, the US Government claims ownership of the waters off the coast. It licensed BP to drill off the coast. That went sour, and Louisiana has been hurt. They're holding the US Government responsible.

This has nothing to do with the correct size of your next-door neighbor. Nor does it have anything to do with the correct size of the US Government (which does things not even remotely present in the US Constitution).

Government is the enemy in the case of this oil spill, since it didn't require remotely operated valves on the blowout preventer.

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