Fri, 03 Mar 2006

Go away, Elliot

Elliot Spitzer proposes to save us from political allocation of economic development dollars. How is he going to do this? By politically allocating economic development dollars, of course -- only he's going to do it his way, which will be much more rational than the current idiots way. The trouble, of course, is that once he's in orifice, he'll be the current idiot.

If Elliot really wants to help New Yorkers, he'll give us our economic development dollars back in the form of tax cuts. Frankly, Elliot is a politician, not a businessman. So when he says that he "believes that government should have no higher priority than standing up for New York State's economic future." you know that means that he wants to spend our money to help us. I have a better idea: I want to spend my money to help me, and I don't need any busybody telling me how to spend my own money.

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School boards

If you have ever sat in on a school board meeting, you will understand Wiley Miller's point. It seems like they spend so much time on the details of running an enterprise with a several million dollar budget, many employees, fixed assets, books, computers, furniture, and buses, that learning gets lost in the process. But don't believe me. Go sit in on your local school board meeting. See if they ever express any concern that the children actually learn anything.

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